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“All things are possible to those who believe.” -Mark 9:23

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My Story

Looking at me now, you probably wouldn’t think that I was shy as a child. But If you see me in action now, most of the time I am confident, the life of the party, and very expressive, especially when I am singing.  Well, that wasn’t the case when I was younger. I can remember being quiet, reserved, and unsure of myself.  For some reason, I didn’t like who I was and I didn’t like what I saw when I looked in the mirror. I didn’t hate myself, I just wanted to be someone else. More specifically, I wanted to be one of the pretty girls with long hair or one of the popular kids that everyone liked.


To make matters more complicated, I got kept back in the third grade. It wasn’t because I wasn’t at good student, it was just that I had a lot going on in my life at the time. This was the same year my parents got divorced.  I really didn’t understand what was going on or why things had to change. All I knew is that I was hurt and disappointed about the drastic changes happening in my life and it was nothing I could do about it. My parents divorce, coupled with my insecurities, lack of self-esteem, and blurred self-image of myself was a lot to deal with at eight years old, but God had a plan.


Fast forwarding to middle school, things began to take a positive turn. I finally got the courage to sing more in the public, but more importantly I developed a serious relationship with Jesus Christ. Although, I grew up in the church, and was baptized times more times than I can remember, I finally got for real with the Lord. In reading God’s word and spending more time with him, he began to teach me who I really was in him and showed me how much I was loved. My life has never been the same since. I went from being unsure to confident, not loving who I was, to loving who he created me to be and embracing the many gifts and talents he has given me. 


Three degree’s later and a whole lot of up’s and down’s, and triumph’s and failures in between, my testimony is that “With God, All Things Are Possible”. I never imagined that I would have a doctorate degree, teach at a University, release multiple recording projects, sing The National Anthem for the New Orleans Saints and Pelican games, and be such an inspiration to those around me. I didn’t envision who I would be now, or the accomplishments I would achieved, but by the grace of God I am doing more than what I could imagine. The crazy part is that, I know that God has only just begun to show out in my life and that he is not through with me yet.  Without a doubt, I have faith that he will use the pain that I went through for his glory to help other young people see that they can do anything when they put their trust in the Lord.


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