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“All things are possible to those who believe.” -Mark 9:23

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My Story

Growing up, I often struggled with my identity and loving myself. I was the type of girl who thought of everyone else as being the smartest and the prettiest. This misinterpretation of myself took root after my parents’ divorce and during that year I actually failed the third grade.  Lacking self-confidence and being completely insecure, I harnessed the wrong image of myself throughout my childhood. Instead of being a leader, I was a follower and instead of feeling like a winner, I felt like a failure. 

My paradigm shift happened when I learned the truth about my identity from the Word of God.  It was in the Bible that I learned how much I was loved and that I belonged.  As I developed a stronger relationship with Christ, I grew more confident and secure in myself and in the musical abilities that God gave me. With this new perception, I began to thrive in every area of my life, from academics, to gaining a higher self-esteem. I have attended the best Universities, received the highest awards and scholarships in music, and accomplished dreams I've never imagined, but I accredit it all to God’s grace and his favor on my life.

“All things are possible to them who believe”, is not just one of my favorite scriptures, but it has become my reality. I no longer see myself as a victim of rejection, insecurities, and failure, but as a victor. I am now travelling the nation doing what I love most- speaking, singing, and reminding others of God’s unfailing love.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Ph: 225.202.4379

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